HENSOLDT’s Media Mining Client App, Its Capabilities and The Power of Crowdsourcing


Nowadays, there are plenty of tools to test and leverage the information one can gather from open-source intelligence. The list of OSINT tools can feel daunting to anyone looking to find some of the best in class products. Furthermore, the ability to use these tools on the go isn’t always guaranteed.

That’s why we at HENSOLDT Analytics have been working tirelessly to provide an open-source intelligence tool that our customers can use via their mobile phones quickly and easily. In the following article, we’ll introduce our Media Mining Client app, its capabilities, and the power of its crowdsourcing feature.

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HENSOLDT’s Media Mining Client App

The conception and development of an app doesn’t happen overnight. In the case of our Media Mining Client app, we were in discussions with customers who expressed a strong need to have access to open-source media quickly and easily, which meant on their phones. To better assist and enable them in the analysis of numerous media, we went to the drawing board. The solution was to create a native environment on mobile devices that holds the same power as our multi-source intelligence platform on desktops.  

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Features and Capabilities

So what exactly can an OSINT tool like our Media Mining Client app do? The following features and capabilities are available for anyone who has access to the app:

Search for Media

When it comes to search capabilities, we took our web client and created a one-to-one experience for mobile app users. This means that everything that is available on the web client’s search function can be done in the palms of analysts. 

Like our web client, users can filter their search inquiries based on their needs. Some of the most used filters are: 

  • Language 
  • Media type
  • Sentiment of media
  • Source
  • Date

Once a user has a query that they want to follow up on at a later point in time, they can easily bookmark or save the search query for future quick access. 

Upload Media for Analysis

Unlike the search function, the ability to upload media to our multi-source platform is exclusively available in the Media Mining Client app. By uploading images, documents, videos and even text (also available with speech-to-text functionality), users can build a more complex database of information. 

Within a matter of seconds, any image or video that has been uploaded will show the following: 

HENSOLDT's Media Mining Client App and Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing (also known as crowd intelligence) software is a growing market, namely in the segment of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Through crowdsourcing software, managers can understand how people are gathering and moving in a specific location at a certain point in time.

Crowd intelligence can be used in areas of life to problem solve challenges, such as:

  1. Online-to-offline (O2O) application
  2. Real-time traffic monitoring
  3. Logistics management

When it comes to defence, military civil co-operation, and civil industries, a unique need arises where analysts may want to rely on direct information from people rather than using open-source media. In this case, we have created a feature in our Media Mining Client app that allows administrators of the app to conduct surveys to groups of people for information. 

Example of Crowdsourcing in Natural Disasters

During times of a natural disaster, a government office might want to better aid and assist their community. Using open-source media, while helpful, might not divulge the level of detail that the office needs to properly assist its citizens.

Therefore, by administering a survey, participants can consent to sharing more information, such as how many people are taking shelter with them, if they have water and food or not, and how much.

How It Works

As a survey administrator, users can build their own surveys on our web client. Question and answer types include: 

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Date and time
  • Time
  • Yes/no questions
  • Single select answers
  • Multi-select answers

After building a survey, the survey administrator can then choose a date range and geo-fence a specific location to properly collect survey responses. 

Analysis of Survey Responses

Whether a survey has ended or there’s a need for real-time analysis, survey administrators can then access answer statistics and analytics on our web client. Visualisations of data are available in formats such as pie charts, graphs, and much more, enabling decision making and having a holistic overview quick and efficient.


In today’s world, the need for strategical, real-time awareness in an instance is greater than ever, which is why we’ve created our Media Mining Client app. Through it, users can conduct search queries that normally would only be available to do on their laptops, upload media for immediate object and person detection, and much more. 

If you are interested in using our Media Mining Client app, please contact us at the form below. 

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