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World’s leading innovator in the field of Speech Technology
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European Union. Flag of Europe. Official colors. Correct proportion. Vector illustration
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About HENSOLDT Analytics

HENSOLDT Analytics is a global leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems and Natural Language Processing technologies, such as Automatic Speech Recognition, which are key elements for media monitoring and analysis.

HENSOLDT Analytics focusses on end-to-end systems and tools that can efficiently extract and analyse information from open sources (TV, radio, blogs, social media, etc.) and turn them into actionable intelligence, employing cutting-edge technologies across multiple languages, geographies and sources that have been developed with a focus on the requirements of situational awareness.

Continuous innovation at the leading edge of research drives HENSOLDT Analytics’ vision of creating technologies that implement advanced analytic capabilities.

HENSOLDT Analytics’ global and trusted network of partners elevates the comprehensive solution to vertical markets across the world.

HENSOLDT Analytics ISO 9001-2015

Since 2021, HENSOLDT Analytics is a ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System (QMS) certified company. With the achievement of the ISO 9001 certificate, the HENSOLDT Analytics team is proud to show that customer satisfaction has been and remains our top priority.

Find out more about our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

HENSOLDT Analytics Team

A team of highly skilled international professionals with a strong background in language technologies is committed to deliver outstanding performance to maintain and extend the company’s global leading position in the market.

Benjamin Spaeh
Managing Director

Hans van der Linde
Head of Sales

Christoph Prinz
Chief Technology Officer

Gerhard Backfried
Chief Scientific Officer

Our Vision

Our purpose is enabling our customers to achieve their mission and fulfil their responsibilities. We, therefore, create reliable, innovative products and tailored solutions to the needs of the modern decision maker. Improving their situational awareness and understanding, in order to enable timely and informed decisions, resulting in the saving of lives and property.

Our solutions represent a holistic approach from balancing consulting, technical and operational components.

Our experience enables our customers to transform into an organisation ready to meet the modern information challenges that allows them to deal with the vastly growing amounts of unstructured, heterogeneous, multi-lingual, cross-media data.

Our working environment provides opportunities that are challenging and inspiring for career driven individuals, as well as for growth and team development, which bridges the gap between cutting edge R&D and actual real-world deployment.

Our dedication to growth assures our continuing success and profitability for the future. Our willingness to combine prudent risks with hard work, gives us the required flexibility to capture new markets, dominate niches and successfully compete in contested markets.


HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology​ and innovation in the area of defence​ and security electronics. The company, headquartered in Germany, is a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions. It develops new products based on innovative approaches for data management, robotics and cyber security to combat a wide range of threats. ​