AI, Big Data, multilingual and crossmedia system

ASR technologies

Automatic Speech Recognition

  • 35 languages and dialects supported.
  • 200000 words and 3 million sub-word-units in our vocabulary models.
  • 7 days to generate a new Automatic Speech Recognition model.


Object Detection Classification Tracking

  • 30 frames per second in real time AI video processing in full HD resolution.
  • 354.948 images in our training dataset including: drones, birds, balloons, helicopters, airplanes, powerlines, ships, vehicles, and persons.
  • On demand training objects. 

One complete solution to monitor Print. Radio. TV. Social Media. Websites. RSS & Feeds. Emails.

The HENSOLDT Analytics solution was originally developed with a focus on the situational awareness requirements for security and defence clientele. However, situational awareness is equally important for other sectors of the economy. This led to diversification of the HENSOLDT Analytics solutions.

We constantly take into account the market’s needs and design our solution to meet and exceed expectations, thus enhancing us to become one with our client’s environment. This implies having a deep understanding of the customer, market and what is currently happening in the world.