Enabling Digital Sovereignty

HENSOLDT Analytics provides OSINT systems, AI, Automatic Speech Recognition, Media Monitoring and Analysis solutions.

HENSOLDT Analytics

Holistic Situational Awareness

Rapid understanding of situations is crucial in today’s constantly changing digital world. Our scalable solution enables users to be one step ahead.

Our trusted  and reliable software products made in Europe help users all around the world to rely on actionable information -Enabling Digital Sovereighnty- for efficient and independent decisions and actions.  

Natural Language Processing


  • 200000 words and 3 million sub-word-units in our vocabulary models.
  • 7 days to generate a new Automatic Speech Recognition model.
  • Continuous automatic vocabulary adaptation
  • 35 languages and dialects supported.
Speaker Gender Identification

Speaker and Gender identification

Natural Language Processing_HENSODLT Analytics

Natural Language Processing

Named Entity Detection_HENSOLDT Analytics

Named Entity Detection

Sentiment Analysis_HENSOLDT Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

Bot Detection_HENSOLDT Analytics

Bot Detection

Computer AI Vision Technology

Visual Analytics

  • Training dataset including: drones, birds, balloons, helicopters, airplanes, powerlines, ships, vehicles, persons and many other objects.
  • 30 frames per second in real time AI video processing in full HD resolution.
  • On demand training objects.

Face Recognition

Logo Recognition

Object Detection

Reverse Image search

Metadata Analysis

From raw data to the final decision

Media Mining System

Recording from multiple sources: Radio, TV, Print, Websites, Blogs, Articles, Social media and your specific data.

Data is automatically indexed, translated and enriched with information, such as speaker ID, named entities, topics, sentiment and computer vision.

Data is stored on your servers that can be searched and retrieved immediately.

Perform live searches during the monitoring process, get alerts instantly as new matches occurs and visualize the results.

Data is transformed into visualizations for analysis, e.g. global hotspots, trend and relationship graph, profiles, ontologies and Social Media analytics.

Entire Workflow Cycle

  • Data Collection
  • Valuable Information Analysis
  • Enrichment
  • Management
  • Report Generation for Decision Makers
  • Actionable Intelligence

Various reporting and dissemination mechanisms.

Tactical and strategic modes of operation are available producing valuable actionable intelligence.

Mobile app for searches and  dissemination

Desktop Application for in-depth analysis and report generation

Web application for analysis

Decission Maker Interface



More than 35 languages can be transcribed and translated in video, audio and text.



Rapid and cross-media data collection for fast and holistic decisions support.



The functions can be adapted according to the user’s needs.


Situational awareness and understanding

Valuable actionable intelligence to governmental, military and civil users.

Customers and partners