Michael Delueg joins as Head of Programme Management


We are thrilled to welcome Michael Delueg to our team @HENSODLT Analytics as the new Head of Programme Management!

Michael is an experienced professional with a diverse background in product and portfolio management, business development, and strategy. He has worked for several notable companies, including Frequentis AG and Nordcloud, an IBM company, among others.

At Frequentis AG, Michael served as the Head of military ATC Sales and Defence Portfolio being responsible for global military ATC business and the global defence product portfolio by leading and aligning product managers and businesses around the globe. Additionally, he was responsible for global defence product marketing and aligning go to market strategies.

At Nordcloud Austria GmbH, Michael was responsible for the DACH market build-up, the development of new business areas like Defence and Public Sector, and leading a DACH business development/solutioning team.

His strengths lie in his ability to focus on overall goals and strategies, his motivation as an open-minded leader, and his excellent communication skills. He has a deep understanding of the military market, particularly in areas like secure communication systems, crisis management systems, surveillance, and cross-agency collaboration tools. He is also well-versed in cloud technology, IoT, and industrial machine vision.

Overall, Michael Delueg brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role at HENSODLT Anaytics as Head of Programme Manager, making him a valuable asset in product management, business development, and strategy within our company.

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