A Warm Welcome to Jennifer Kelly, Our New Junior OSINT Analyst


Our Intelligence Department is growing! We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Kelly joined the HENSOLDT Analytics team in Vienna last month to fulfil the new role of Junior OSINT Analyst.

In 2017, Jennifer Kelly graduated from the BA Criminology at the University College Cork with distinction alongside four other fellow students. Subsequently, she attended and successfully completed an MA in Violence, Terrorism and Security at Queens University Belfast. As part of the course, she completed a study involving the collection and analysis of data from millennials in Ireland, titled ‘Terrorist Threat to the Republic of Ireland – Public Perspective vs Reality in a Post-9/11 Era’, which portrayed the overwhelming association made by Irish millennials between terrorism and Islam as a whole, primarily due to media portrayal.

After graduation, she built on her skills through intelligence trainings, courses, and work placements, including an internship at Talking About Terrorism, an independent non-partisan research online centre based in Washington DC., where she explored and reported on violent extremism, CVE, radicalisation, and foreign fighters, primarily in the MENA region. In her last position before joining HENSOLDT Analytics, Jennifer worked at the Counterterrorism Group (CTG), where she began as a Watch Officer and Counterterrorism Analyst Intern and quickly took on more responsibilities to eventually manage the work of the Illicit Finance and Economic Threats Team as Team Lead.

Jennifer hails from Ireland but has travelled extensively throughout Europe for both pleasure and work. She is the laureate of the Bronze Medal of the Irish Gaisce – The President’s Award, a self-development programme for young people aged 14 -25 under the patronage of the President of Ireland.

Welcome to the team, Jennifer!

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