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Tanveer Hannan Joins HENSOLDT Analytics to Conduct Research for His Master’s Thesis in Deep Learning and Computer Vision

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This year, we have the pleasure to support a Master’s Student from the LMU in Munich in completing his specialised thesis focusing on Deep Learning and its application in Computer Vision.

Tanveer Hannan hails from Bangladesh, where he graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology with a degree in BSc. Computer Science and Engineering. Alongside his studies, he gained practical experience through various work placements and projects within the fields of deep learning, artificial intelligence, and object detection.

In 2019, he began his MSc at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich with a strong focus on machine learning, deep learning, and statistical data analysis. In this capacity, he joined us in July and will be working alongside the HENSOLDT Analytics teams in Vienna and Munich until the end of 2021 to conduct research and perform tests necessary for his Master’s degree’s thesis, “Deep Learning for Sparse to Dense Annotations using Motion”.

We are happy to have you, Tanveer!

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