CENTAUR – Improving Risk Awareness and Preparedness Against the Effects of Climate Change

HENSOLDT Analytics Participates in the Kick-off of a New Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Project, CENTAUR


We are pleased to announce that HENSOLDT Analytics is one of the 14 high-profile consortium partners in the new Horizon Europe project focussing on expanding the capabilities of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) and Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action (SEA). The HENSOLDT Analytics team both travelled to Rome and also joined remotely to participate in a 2-day kick-off of the project taking place last week on the premises of the project coordinator, e-GEOS.

CENTAUR – Improving Risk Awareness and Preparedness Against the Effects of Climate Change

CENTAUR stands for Copernicus ENhanced Tools for Anticipative Response to Climate Change in the Emergency and SecURity and is launched within the framework of the Horizon Europe European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) programme’s call addressing EU’s strategic autonomy in developing, deploying, and utilising global space-based infrastructures, services, applications, and data. The collaboration within CENTAUR targets the topic of climate change and related security risks and effects, aiming to enhance the technological background of the Copernicus Security and Emergency Services to anticipate and assess crisis events in the context of security implications

To demonstrate the proposed solutions, two real-life use cases were selected. In the emergency domain, this anticipative dimension will address the flood-related threats to the population, assets and infrastructures in urban areas. The increased awareness efficiency, as well as the modelling of impact, will improve the current capacities to predict events, detect the extent, estimate the damages, mitigate their effects and eventually increase the effectiveness of recovery action. In the Security domain, CENTAUR will address water & food insecurity by defining and measuring indicators and crisis indexes that are sensitive to increased water/food insecurity and model subsequent risks of political instability, conflicts, and displacement risks in developing and fragile countries.

HENSOLDT Analytics’s Role in CENTAUR

CENTAUR will integrate data coming from multiple sources, with a specific focus on those generated by other Copernicus services, in particular those of the Climate Change Service. In addition, this data will be combined with meteorological, socio-economic, and new sensors (for example, ones based on traditional and social media). This will enhance current capacities to produce composite risk indexes and to perform multi-criteria analyses in the emergency and security domains. In CENTAUR, HENSOLDT Analytics has a key role in the data extraction and enrichment, the identification of relevant data sources for all the areas of interest and the use cases, and the definition of a set of relevant open-source indicators to be integrated into the new service components.

Follow the Progress of the CENTAUR Project

More information about the project will be available soon. You can follow the official LinkedIn and Twitter channels of the project to stay up to date.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101082720 – CENTAUR.

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