Ahmed Ewva Joins HENSOLDT Analytics’ Computer Vision Team to Complete His Master Thesis


The HENSOLDT Analytics Computer Vision team in Munich has recently welcomed a new working student into their ranks.

Ahmed Ewva has begun his training in sciences and mathematics in 2017 in his home country, the Republic of Mauritania, to eventually move to France to continue his education. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Télécom Paris. He is currently doing a Master of Science in informatics at the Technical University of Munich as a double degree student specialising in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. With his busy schedule, he is expecting to receive his MSc from the Technical University of Munich and the Engineering diploma Télécom Paris by the end of his thesis.

In addition to working on completing his studies, Ahmed actively implemented his knowledge in real-life projects. He interned at Capgemini in France working on multiple machine learning tasks. After moving to Munich, he worked on different projects involving NLP, forecasting models, recommender systems and computer vision.

As part of the HENSOLDT Analytics team, Ahmed is working on video instance segmentation and tracking, which he will complete towards the end of March 2023.

Ahmed speaks Arabic (mother tongue), French and English (both fluently), as well as some German.

We are happy to have you with us, Ahmed!

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