The 4th META-FORUM Conference, 8-9 June, Brussels, Belgium


Join META-FORUM 2022, the fourth annual European Language Grid conference, on the 8-9th of June in Brussels, Belgium, or online!


META-FORUM is the international conference series on powerful and innovative Language Technologies for the multilingual information society. It is the place to be to learn about the most recent developments and achievements in European Language Technology, both from industry and research, including language-centric AI.

Since the pandemic situation does not allow any certainties, META-FORUM 2022 will be conducted as a hybrid conference combining the advantages of flexibility and accessibility online with the benefits of face-to-face discussions. In this year’s edition, the projects European Language Grid and European Language Equality will be featured equally. The final results of ELG, including the Release 3 of the ELG cloud platform, will be showcased. At META-FORUM 2019, the system was demonstrated for the very first time, and it has been extensively developed and enhanced since then.

Moreover, the findings of ELE will be presented, including the surveys conducted, the definition of the Digital Language Equality Metric and the strategic research and innovation agenda to reach Digital Language Equality until 2030.

Registration for META-FORUM is, as usual, free of charge.


  • Final release of the ELG platform
  • Showcases, use cases, best practices
  • New Session on (new) AI projects and initiatives
  • ELG Legal entity
  • Language Data Space
  • Digital Language Equality Metric
  • SRIA and Roadmap towards Language Equality until 2030
  • ELE Survey results
  • ELG and ELE book presentation

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HENSOLDT Analytics
HENSOLDT Analytics

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