ROXANNE Project: 2nd Stakeholder Board Meeting


The 2nd ROXANNE Stakeholder Board Meeting took place on the 19th of March as virtual.

The occasion provided a unique opportunity to showcase the project’s progress and to directly engage with and get feedback from diverse stakeholders such as law enforcement agencies, technology experts, policymakers, European institutions, and NGOs.

During the event, the newest results regarding technology development (e.g., visualization technologies, speaker identification, network analysis based on CSI data, etc.) were highlighted. The current challenges and approaches with regards to legal requirements and ethical frameworks for ROXANNE were also discussed. An interactive Q & A session and sharing of thoughts and ideas by the participants closed the meeting.

ROXANNE is a research project funded by the European Union that intends to combine new speech, text, video, and network analysis technologies into a new platform that will assist law enforcement agencies to identify criminals in organised crime investigations. 

Further information about the project is available at ROXANNE´s website.

The ROXANNE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement № 833635.

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HENSOLDT Analytics

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