Kick-off of the ELE-European Language Equality project


The kick-off event of HENSOLDT Analytics’ next research project by the name of ELE – European Language Equality is planned to take place in January 2021.

The project aims to reduce language barriers and deals with the topic of developing a strategic research, innovation and implementation agenda and a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030. The consortium involves the complete spectrum of the European LT community, including all relevant scientific and industrial stakeholders from all Member States and Associated Countries. Overcoming language barriers in the digital environment is essential for an inclusive society and for providing unity in diversity for many years to come. The ELE project will provide a roadmap and framework to achieve this.

HENSOLDT Analytics
HENSOLDT Analytics

HENSOLDT Analytics is a global leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems and Natural Language Processing technologies, such as Automatic Speech Recognition, which are key elements for media monitoring and analysis.