Automated Quantitative Report

Build, schedule, and automatically generate custom OSINT reports.

The Automated Quantitative Report (AQR) is a feature within the Media Mining Client Web (MMC-Web) enabling users to build, schedule, and automatically generate custom OSINT reports around a topic of interest (a country, a person, an organization, or any profile or entity added to the system).

The reports are fully customisable and utilise the powerful data visualisation widgets and system capabilities of the HENSOLDT Analytics Media Mining System. OSINT analysts can easily automate the collection of multilingual and multimedia data from selected sources, f.e. TV, radio, web pages, RSS & feeds, internet videos, social media channels and press, in more than 30 languages, presenting the open-source information in the form of a visually-attractive, clear, and structured document. 

From raw information to actionable intelligence.​

Benefits of Automated Quantitative Reports


Once the report is built and scheduled, the HENSOLDT Analytics system generates and distributes structured, quantitative results automatically at selected intervals.

100% Customizable

The structure of reports is completely adjustable – users can select which widgets to include and how to arrange them.

Schedule as you wish

The user chooses the report generation frequency, for instance, every hour, every day, once a week and so on.

Fully under your control

You can select as many topics to be included in your AQR as you want, widening the scope of data collected for your analysis.

Automatically disseminated

Generated reports are automatically distributed to a list of designated e-mail recipients at scheduled intervals.

A starting point for further analysis

The reports serve as a fundament for deeper investigation. The generated PDFs contain hyperlinks to their sources. What's more, AQRs can be edited in Microsoft Word or similar applications.

AQR - Russia and Ukraine

If you are interested in receiving a sample of the Automated Quantitative Report on the topic of Russia and Ukraine, please fill out the request form. The report will be delivered to your email.

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Automated Quantitative Report (AQR) - Russia and Ukraine

This is an example of the Automated Quantitative Report on the topic of Russia-Ukraine War. The generated report showcases a custom layout and selected OSINT data visualisations. 

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