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HENSOLDT Analytics is consistently expanding the areas of where our solution can be used. Whether it is for government or commercial use, we personalise our solution with the customer’s interest at heart.

Use case: Crimea Crisis
HENSOLDT Analytics External Feeder

In the following example of a critical application scenario, the External Feeder from HENSOLDT Analytics solution is a portable hardware and software device providing advanced technology for monitoring at remote locations. This video illustrates the solution through a Crimea Crisis.

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HENSOLDT Analytics solutions and services are being used across a broad range of industries ranging from health care, IT (information technology), media, telecommunication to defence and government.
The HENSOLDT Analytics Solution was originally developed with a focus on the situational awareness requirements for security and defence clientele. However, situational awareness is equally important for other sectors of the economy. This led to the diversification of the HENSOLDT Analytics Solution landscape.

We constantly take into account the market’s needs and wants and design our solution to meet and exceed expectations, thus enhancing us to become one with our client’s environment. This implies having a deep understanding of the customer, market and what is currently happening in the world.

Government Solution

OSINT Edition

National Security

The objective of National Security is to protect citizens, economies and organizations from threats, whether it is cyber, terrorist, environmental, energy, economic or any other threats that can be detrimental to a nation.

Military Intelligence

Military Intelligence is essential during all levels; in times of peace, from tactical to strategic, transition period and during warfare as it provides direction to achieve set objectives.​

Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs focuses to protect a country’s national interests and develop strategic communications with other countries. It’s essential to understand a country’s past and current situation to achieve a strategic purpose of action.

Natural Disaster Management

Preparedness and response to serious security incidents or natural disasters involving critical infrastructure. Immediate assessment of a situation through local media sources, relevant social media activities and their integrated visualization significantly improves crisis management and ensures a faster and more adequate response.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

An increasing frequency and severity of critical infrastructure incidents demands for thorough critical infrastructure protection. This is important to measure the preparedness and response to serious incidents.

Public Health Surveillance

It is essential for epidemiologists, public health officials, and decision-makers from the Public Health sector to be aware of outbreaks of a pandemic disease or social unrest as a result of health threats, in order to limit the spread and disruption caused by such events.

Commercial Solution

Business Edition

Finance Industry

Financial institutions face intense competition, ever increasing regulations and changing customer needs. In order to gain a competitive advantage, it is important for these institutions to seek improvement and eliminate risks and threats.

Health Industry

It is essential for organisations in the Health Industry to be aware of an outbreak of a pandemic disease or social unrest as a result of health threats, thus limit the spread and devastation. Observing activities of multinational pharmaceutical corporations or staying up to date with health-policies in the world is crucial for contributors in the industry.

Travel Industry

The travel industry is a fiercely competitive environment, and industry players need to be aware of a number of threats such as security, strikes, adverse weather, and many more that can threaten daily operations. Major events can either pose serious risks or opportunities. Reputation management requires the continuous situational awareness of what is happening in the media especially online.

Political Strategy

Social Media has become an essential communication channel of today and more and more of the public’s attention and time is being spent scrolling through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Making sense of the data that is being produced on these social media platforms is crucial in understanding and engaging in public discussion within political contexts.

Business Intelligence

Today, organizations need to be able to make sense of the vast amount of information that is being produced in order to understand the environment and the industry in which it operates within. This is essential to stay ahead of competitors, responding to change and staying up to date with current trends.