HENSOLDT Analytics Welcomes Roald van Rensburg as the first Middle East Sales Manager based in the UAE


HENSOLDT Analytics is proud to announce that Roald van Rensburg recently joined the ranks of our international team to become the key contact responsible for nurturing and expanding the partnership network in the Middle East. 

Roald originally hails from South Africa, however, he has spent much of his life living abroad to pursue his career goals. Roald began his experience with the military and defence in 1985, serving in the South African Navy and working in the Foreign Procurement department at ARMSCOR, the arms procurement agency of the South African Defence Force (SADF). During the 14 years he had spent at the company, Roald was involved with international military procurement programs whilst stationed in various countries.

Following this position, he moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he supported the South African military industry and later German companies to expand their business. This experience helped him to gain a deeper understanding of the defence and security sectors, particularly in regards to complex international military fulfilment projects. He successfully developed and evolved a number of business winning strategies and campaigns relying on his expertise in the field, understanding of the business culture and his ability to build lasting relationships with key stakeholders.

In his previous position, before joining HENSOLDT Analytics, Roald worked for Rheinmetall where he took ownership of business development for various Rheinmetall business units, in a highly regulated and competitive field.

Roald brings to the team a wealth of international experience spanning across three decades, making him an invaluable team member. In addition, his knowledge of MENA, as well as a broad network of connections, position Roald as the perfect person to lead the implementation of the HENSOLDT Analytics’ vision in the region.

Welcome to the team, Roald!

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