The European Language Grid Horizon 2020 Project Successfully Wrapped Up


Yesterday, the HENSOLDT Analytics team passed the final review of the European Language Grid Horizon 2020 project with excellent results.

The project began in 2019 with the goal of establishing the ELG as the primary platform for Language Technology in Europe. In 2022, the ELG digital pan-European marketplace is live, serving the vibrant European LT community and boosting the opportunities for commercial and non-commercial solution providers to connect with their customers. 

We want to congratulate the Research Team, as well as the fellow consortium partners – German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Institute for Language and Speech Processing, University of Sheffield, Charles University, ELRA-ELDA European Language Resource Association, Tilde, Expert System Iberia, University of Edinburgh – for the successful completion of the ELG project.

About European Language Grid

With 24 official EU and many more additional languages, multilingualism in Europe and an inclusive Digital Single Market can only be enabled through Language Technologies. European LT business is dominated by thousands of SMEs and a few large players. Many are world-class, with technologies that outperform those of the global players. 

However, European LT business is also fragmented – by nation states, languages and sectors. This is why the European Language Technology landscape and community has not been able to reach its full potential yet. The European Language Gris consortium addressed this challenge by establishing the ELG as the primary platform for Language Technology in Europe.

Find out more about the project and its outcomes on the official website.

HENSOLDT Analytics
HENSOLDT Analytics

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