META-FORUM 2022 Impressions: Together Towards Digital Language Equality [ Photo Gallery ]


On the 8-9th of June, the HENSOLDT Analytics research team had the pleasure of participating in the fourth and the last META-FORUM conference of the European Language Grid 1 and the European Language Equality Horizon 2020 projects. For the first time the event, which has taken place annually since 2019, was organised as a hybrid conference welcoming in-person attendees in Brussels, Belgium, and streaming the presentations live. 

In total, 400 participants followed along the two conference days, hearing keynotes, panel discussions, and presentations from experts working in the various spheres composing the European language technologies industry. Language-centric AI, existing language resources, existing trends and predictions for the future were among the topics on the agenda throughout the event.

HENSOLDT Analytics is a consortium partner from the industry side in both, the European Language Grid and the European Language Equality projects, actively contributing to the betterment of the state of language technologies in Europe and the much-needed higher visibility of the LT vendors and researchers. Gerhard Backfried, Chief Scientific Officer at HENSOLDT Analytics, moderated the Industry Session with Yolina Petrova (Identrics, Bulgaria), Petr Schwarz (Phonexia, Czechia), Fredrik Olsson (Gavagai, Sweden), Enric Plana (M47AI, Spain), Andres Mellik (Cognuse Inc., Estonia), Oskars Rumpēters (Kantar, Latvia).

We would like to thank the organising committee at DFKI and DCU, as well as fellow consortium partners in the ELG and ELE project, for another memorable META-FORUM event.

See you at META-FORUM 2023, during which the focus will be put on the results of the European Language Equality 2!

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HENSOLDT Analytics

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