Workshop on Methods of Strategic Foresight and Management

Workshop on Methods of Strategic Foresight and Management, 7 – 10 April, 2022


HENSOLDT Analytics recently cooperated with the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) on a joint event, “The European Union in Ten Years? – Workshop on Methods of Strategic Foresight and Management”. The event took place between the 7th-10th of April at the HSF headquarters in Munich.

A Complete Strategic Foresight Workflow

The programme of the workshop was carefully designed to walk the participants through each step in the development of strategic foresight –  a systematised and structured method of analysis and scenario planning that prepares organisations for the future challenges and changes. The three days were broken into lectures and hands-on sessions:

  • Organisation and Methodological Introduction,
  • Different Perceptions and Approaches for Strategic Foresight, 
  • Methodical Introduction and Thematic Positioning to Scenario Analysis,
  • Information Gathering with focus on OSINT,
  • From Information to Foresight,
  • Introduction to Scenario Development,
  • and Strategic Options and Proportional Response.

The workshop was closed with a plenary session “Vision of Europe 2030 – Introduction to Visioning” by Dr. Martin HUBER, MdL (Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Federal and European Affairs of the Bavarian State Parliament).

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