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Martin Freisehner Joins HENSOLDT Analytics Development Team


The HENSOLDT Analytics in-house development department is happy to be welcoming a new team member!

Martin Freisehner joined the company last month as a new Developer, becoming one of many recent new hires to support the ever-expanding IT infrastructure at HENSOLDT Analytics.

Martin holds a BSc in Medizinische Informatik (Medical Informatics) from the Technical University in Vienna, TU Wien, which he completed in 2019. With an educational and professional background in both Data Science and Application Development, Martin has helped deliver cutting-edge and scalable research ideas in software development companies in Austria. In his previous position at the IBM Client Innovation Center Austria GmbH, Martin led various technological solutions from the early proof-of-concept stage to full-production systems delivered to European end-users across diverse industries.

Alongside his expertise in data engineering, Martin brings to the table a pragmatic hands-on-mentality and readiness to take ownership of new tasks. Having managed projects in micro services built with Java or Python on the backend side, as well as Angular and React on the frontend side, he can holistically assess and improve modern system architectures.

Martin is very happy to help the team deliver impactful high-quality solutions and is excited to further broaden his field of expertise by working with the modern tech stack used at HENSOLDT Analytics.

Welcome to the team, Martin!

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