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ROXANNE H2020 Project Consortium Meeting in Switzerland


The recent ROXANNE Consortium Meeting took place between the 22nd-24th of February at the offices of the project consortium lead, Idiap Research Institute, in Martigny, Switzerland.

The meeting was attended by 25 participants representing 11 project partners from 9 countries. In addition to those present in person, 15 participants attended the wrap-up sessions remotely.

HENSOLDT Analytics was represented by the Research team members, Dorothea Thomas-Aniola and Miroslav Janosik, who travelled to Switzerland. Erinc Dikici and Gerhard Backfried joined the gathering virtually from the company offices in Vienna.

After presenting the current status of the platform, the partners discussed further technical details, such as the recent developments in the fields of relation analysis, geolocation, video processing, speech recognition, network analysis, and biometric technologies. On the meeting’s agenda were also new technologies, for example, community detection and VAD (voice activity detection), which have only been addressed more deeply during the last months.

During several face-to-face and hybrid sessions, participants discussed various current topics and the next steps for the ROXANNE project, which will be completed this year. One of the key tasks ahead of the consortium is the extension of the ROXSD dataset as well as activities to complete version 2.0 of the ROXSD corpus. As a last step in corpus creation, ROXSDv3.0 will be the focus of work this year.  

A big thank you to Justine Darioly and Petr Motlicek and their colleagues at Idiap Research Institute for their hospitality and for organising the event!

The next consortium meeting will take place at ZITiS – Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector in Germany.

To find out more about ROXANNE and other projects HENSOLDT Analytics participates in, please visit the Research section on our website.

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