The Media Mining Crisis Room Explained


What is the Media Mining Crisis Room?

The Media Mining Crisis Room is one of the tools offered by the Media Mining System developed by HENSOLDT Analytics. 

The Crisis Room is designed to support decision-making during critical periods or emergency situations.

Who is the Crisis Room for?

The Crisis Room was created for decision-makersmanagers or analysts – who need crucial information at powerful speed.

Its main purpose is to support decisions in crisis situations: financial breakdowns, disasters, industrial accidents, targeted acts of violence etc.

What does the Crisis Room provide?

  • Simultaneous monitoring of live media-streams across multiple channels in various languages
  • Live searches: searching for a specific keyword across any number of live channels 
  • Automatic speech recognition in multiple languages
  • Instant monitoring and data processing, recording and replaying across multiple channels
  • Multiple sources: TV broadcasts, social media, press and other sources simultaneously
  • Personalized alerts: it collects the results automatically and alerts users as new matches to their search criteria occur
  • Customizable dashboard: the number and type of monitored channels can be selected and arranged freely according to the user’s needs
  • Multiple users can follow different streams simultaneously
  • Display compatible with industry standard TV screens

How does the Crisis Room work?

Find out how the Media Mining System and the Crisis Room work directly from our team.

Book an appointment or schedule a private live demonstration of our system.

HENSOLDT Analytics
HENSOLDT Analytics

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