European Language Technology - the Combined Communication Channel for European Language Grid (ELG) and European Language Equality (ELE) - Launches on Twitter and LinkedIn

European Language Technology – the Combined Communication Channel for European Language Grid (ELG) and European Language Equality (ELE) – Launches on Twitter and LinkedIn


As one of the Consortium Partners in both, the European Language Grid (ELG) and European Language Equality (ELE) projects, HENSOLDT Analytics is pleased to announce that now everyone interested in the progress of our work can subscribe to the official joint communication account of the ELG and ELE – the European Language Technology.

The European Language Technology is the official joint communication channel of the participating projects and has been created with the goal of establishing an openly available news stream for not only the updates on the ELG and ELG, but also the widespread and diverse language technology community in Europe that the partner consortiums aim to unite to achieve digital language equality by 2030.

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Please click on the icons below to follow the official channels of the European Language Technology. You can also visit the ELT website here for more information.

About the European Language Grid

Towards the Primary Platform for Language Technologies in Europe

With 24 official EU and many more additional languages, multilingualism in Europe and an inclusive Digital Single Market can only be enabled through Language Technologies. European LT business is dominated by thousands of SMEs and a few large players. Many are world-class, with technologies that outperform those of the global players. However, European LT business is also fragmented – by nation states, languages and sectors. This is why the European Language Technology landscape and community has not been able to reach its full potential yet. We address this challenge by establishing the ELG as the primary platform for Language Technology in Europe.

Visit the official European Language Grid website.

The European Language Grid has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement № 825627 (ELG).

About the European Language Equality

Developing an Agenda and a Roadmap for Achieving Full Digital Language Equality in Europe by 2030

Twenty-four official languages and more than 60 regional and minority languages constitute the fabric of the EU’s linguistic landscape. However, language barriers still hamper communication and the free flow of information across the EU. Multilingualism is a key cultural cornerstone of Europe and signifies what it means to be and to feel European. Many studies and resolutions, as noted in the recent EP resolution “Language equality in the digital age”, have found a striking imbalance in terms of support through language technologies, and issue a call to action. This project answers this call and lays the foundations for a strategic agenda and roadmap for making digital language equality a reality in Europe by 2030.

Visit the official European Language Equality website.

 The European Language Equality Project has received funding from the European Union under the grant agreement № LC-01641480 – 101018166 (ELE).

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HENSOLDT Analytics

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