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OSINT Webinar on Hybrid Campaigns

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The conflicts of the present and future will be hybrid and strongly fought in the information domain. As one of the goals of hybrid warfare is to influence the citizens and destabilise societies, the use of traditional media and new media such as Internet and social media have become an increasingly cheap method for spreading polarizing, misleading and negative narratives.

Disinformation and fake news are shared in a vast variety of forms with increasing effectiveness and creativity using many opportunities to catalyse these effects. The most recent examples are COVID-19 in many aspects such as vaccinations, masks and if the virus actually even exists. 

During the event, HENSOLDT Analytics Chief Visionary Officer and OSINT specialist, Mark Pfeiffer will lead the discussion about the anatomy and characteristics of contemporary hybrid warfare. Two external guests, Ralph Thiele and Peter Cochrane, also renowned experts with a wealth of professional experience, will share their perspectives on the topic and will join a live Q&A session answering queries from the attendees. 

The webinar Informational Instruments of Power in Hybrid Campaigns & The Role of Disinformation and Fake News will take place on the 12th of May, at 15:00 (GMT+2)

The deadline for registrations is 11.05.21 at 14:00 (GMT+2). The webinar is free of charge. To save your spot, please fill in the form below. Register now!

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  • The role of disinformation and fake news in the context of hybrid threats
  • Cognitive Domain in NATO´s warfighting
  • Rising Star – Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations
  • The future of warfare
  • Q&A

Presen ters

Peter Cochrane

Peter is an internationally sought-after guru who invests his time and money as an agent of change. Renowned for his out-of-the-box thinking, he is an advisor and consultant to companies and governments, the author of blogs, articles and books on technology, business and managing rapid change. With over 40 years of technology and operational experience, Peter has been involved in the creation and transformation of corporations. His British Telecom career saw him progress to CTO with teams engaged in optical fiber, fixed and mobile networks, artificial life and healthcare, through to war gaming, eCommerce, and business modeling. Peter has also spent time as an educator and was appointed Professor for the Public Understanding of Science & Technology @ Bristol (1998). He received the Queen’s Award for Innovation & Export (1990), numerous Honorary Doctorates and was awarded an OBE (1999) for his contribution to international communications.


Ralph Thiele

Ralph D. Thiele, is President of EuroDefense, Germany, Chairman of the Political-Military Society, Germany and Managing Director at StratByrd Consulting, Germany. In his military career, Ralph Thiele has served in major national and international security and military policy, planning and academic assignments, including on the Planning Staff of the Minister of Defense, in the Private Office of the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, as Chief of Staff at the NATO Defense College, as Commander of the Bundeswehr Centre for Transformation and as Director of Teaching at the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College. In his honorary and business functions, he advises on Defense Innovation and Cyber issues in times of digital transformation. He has been frequently consulting, publishing and lecturing in Europe, America and Asia.

Mark Pfeiffer

Educated in Germany and the United States in economics and aeronautics, Mark is HENSOLDT Analytics Chief Visionary Officer. He has spent more than two decades consulting in those fields and works in many nations across the globe primarily in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include various international government bodies as well as governments and participants of the air transport system. He joined SAIL LABS (now HENSOLDT Analytics) in 2003 also as a shareholder and has built up the governmental partner network and business, spanning most of the globe. In 2006 he co-founded the EUROSINT forum as a venue for exchange of ideas and concepts. His trainings in the OSINT domain are highly customized to the clients’ needs and he can draw from many years of customer interaction.