An SVM Plait for Improving Affect Recognition in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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submitted to ICTAI 2014, Limassol, Cyprus, November 2014

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ABSTRACT: Abstract—Usually, in intelligent tutoring systems the task sequencing is done by means of expert and domain knowledge. In a former work we presented a new efficient task sequencer without using the expensive expert and domain knowledge. This task sequencer only uses former performances and decides about the next task according to Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, that is to neither bore nor frustrate the student. We aim to support this task sequencer by a further automatically to gain information, namely students affect recognized from his speech input. However, the collection of the data from
children needed for training an affect recognizer in this field is challenging as it is costly and complex and one has to consider
privacy issues carefully. These problems lead to small data sets and limited performances of classification methods. Hence, in
this work we propose an approach for improving the affect recognition in intelligent tutoring systems, which uses a special structure of several support vector machines with different input feature vectors. Furthermore, we propose a new kind of features for this problem. Different experiments with two real data sets show, that our approach is able to improve the classification performance on average by 49% in comparison to using a single classifier. 

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