Pharos- an Audiovisual Search Platform


The 32nd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference, Boston, USA, July 2009

In January 2021, SAIL LABS Technology GmbH was acquired by the sensor specialist HENSOLDT and became HENSOLDT Analytics.

PHAROS is an Integrated Project aimed at building a platform for advanced audiovisual search applications. The Consortium comprises 12 partners from 9 European countries.2 PHAROS unbundles the functionalities of an audiovisual search engine into an open service-based ecosystem, where content can be submitted to customized analysis pipelines, third-party annotation components can be plugged-in, and content based search engines can be registered. PHAROS enables a variety of application scenarios, from content acquisition and enrichment, to annotation fusion, to multi-modal queries. Figure 1 shows the architecture of PHAROS, which supports two main process: Content Caption and Refinement (CCR) executes flow of operators on the captured content and produces XML metadata (subsequently indexed by a core XML search engine) and derived artifacts(used for similarity querying and result presentation); Query Execution and Result Presentation (QUIRP) accepts a user’s query (by keyword, by image similarity, by audio similarity, by video similarity), expands it with user’s profile and social information, brokers its execution on the registered search engines, and presents results in a Rich Internet Interface. The demo exploits the online access to the PHAROS platform for an in-depth tour of: content acquisition, design and execution of content refinement graphs, keyword and similarity search, query refinement, advanced result presentation, and query customization based on social information. To demonstrate the unique openness of the architecture, an integration of a sample third party component (a face detector used in video security) will also be illustrated.

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    HENSOLDT Analytics
    HENSOLDT Analytics

    HENSOLDT Analytics is a global leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems and Natural Language Processing technologies, such as Automatic Speech Recognition, which are key elements for media monitoring and analysis.